What Sport Bigs action plush toys are available?

So far, we’ve dreamed up and produced: 1) Softball Big, starring the voice of legendary softballer, Lisa Fernandez, 2) Basketball Big, starring the voice of world-famous Rebekkah Brunson and 3) Soccer Big, starring the voice of big baller, Lori Lindsey. Please take our poll at the bottom of our home page to help us focus on the next sport and celebrity athletes!

What are Sport Bigs made of?

Besides the joy, sweat, tears and true love of an international frenzy of passionate production experts and sports enthusiasts, Sport Bigs are made up of polyester fibers, polystyrene foam, and plastic pellets and stiffeners to help them stand up tall on their own two BIG feet. Each unique “action plush” Sports Big is handmade for equal parts rough-and-tumble play and huggable, snuggable chill time.

How big is each action plush toy?

Sport Bigs are, no joke, BIG - averaging between 17 and 18 inches tall (all are handmade so variances can be expected). For perspective, they are MUCH BIGGER and more durable than traditional plastic dolls that are meant for playing nice vs. playing big. 

What sport will you focus on next?

You tell us! Give us your vote on the next sport we should focus on by selecting up to 3 options at the bottom of our home page. Hint: our founder was a BIG rugby player for Team USA so you better believe rugby is on our radar! 

Do you make accessories?

Not right now, but you can! Feel free to make clothes and accessories for your Sport Bigs and send us photos or videos for inspiration. We can’t wait to see how the world customizes their Bigs. We might even get inspired to offer custom jerseys and other goods down the road.  

How do I customize my name on the jersey?

So happy you asked. Opt to customize the name on your Sport Bigs’ jersey before moving it into your shopping cart (limit 8 characters; extra charges apply) and we’ll ship you your customized velcro name tag to stick on the back of your Sport Big’s jersey.

Note: custom name tags are handmade with care so please allow for an extra 6-8 weeks production and processing time. 

Can you customize a Sport Bigs action plush of me or my child?

Unfortunately, no. Each Sport Big™ has been crafted to take on celebrity characteristics and voices, and represent a universal baller in their sport. While our hope is that every Sport Bigs fan can see themselves in each athlete we produce, creating exact matches for actual, individual likenesses is not our goal at this time. Sport Bigs are meant to universally inspire current and future athletes alike.

Where else can I purchase Sport Bigs toys?

Only right here, baby! Sport Bigs is the only dreamer, maker, manufacturer, and seller of Sport Bigs. We fully own the game so we can fully grow the game. However, we’re always looking for creative ways to distribute and market Sport Bigs to increase our global reach and distribution. So please do holler at us if you’ve got some ideas.

Where do you ship?

While international shipping is in our future, we currently only have the legal rights, protections, and capabilities to ship Sport Bigs anywhere in the United States of America (except to P.O. Boxes). The more demand we get around the world, the faster we’ll move toward making international shipping a reality. Watch this space! 

How long does shipping take?

Great question. While we are doing everything possible to ensure your Sport Bigs toys arrive within days or weeks of purchase, please have a bit of patience as global supply chain complexities due to COVID-19 have caused unprecedented and unpredictable delays.

Where is my package?

Once you complete your order, you’ll receive an order confirmation email with an order tracking number (be sure to check your email inbox and spam folder). You can use your tracking number to locate your package and contact the corresponding carrier regarding a missing or delayed package.

What is your cancellation, refunds and return policy?

You deserve Big happiness with your Sport Bigs. Please contact us at bigsupport@sportbigs.com if you have concerns with your order and we’ll be happy to help you out the best we can. Sport Bigs provides full refunds on the purchase price (minus shipping and handling charges, name personalization or other service fees) of non-sale items within 30 days from the date that your Sport Bigs toy arrived, as long as they are unopened or unused and not damaged by the purchaser. Check out the full details of our refund and return policy here

Do you have any wholesale retailer opportunities?

Whoop! We do not currently offer wholesale, but we ARE taking inquiries from interested retail partners should we introduce it in the future. Please complete this wholesale inquiry form and we will be in touch.

Do you offer gift note options?

Yes! Please be sure to view your shopping cart before proceeding to checkout to insert your gift note. Gift notes can only be applied to one purchase and one delivery at a time. If you have multiple gift notes, please place separate orders to ensure proper delivery.

Who is the baller inventor of Sport Bigs?

Her name is Pam Kosanke. She’s Sport Bigs visionary, multisport Team USA member and 6x competitor in world championships in softball, rugby, and long-distance aquabike. Sports made her the confident, competitive and accomplished leader that she is today. But as a young athlete, she couldn’t find any sports toys modeled after women. Today, it gives her so much joy to partner with the world’s best athletes to help every child learn about hard work and the relentless pursuit of their dreams. One of Pam’s coaches used to tell her that her job as a captain was to make everyone around her play better. She takes that to heart in everything she does, and we hope Sport Bigs teach you to do the same. Go BIG!

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