To build the first-ever line of action plush toys dedicated to athletes in women’s sports—no matter their size, shape, or identity. But really, we’re in the business of helping young athletes embrace their power. 

The power in owning who they are. The power in loving their bodies and the ways they move. The power in seeing their potential in sports and in themselves. 

Toys can shape young people’s view of the world. When they play with Sport Bigs™, we want that view to be “hey, that awesome athlete could be me someday.” 

So, to all the young athletes who don’t have toys that look like them. Sound like them. Or play like them. This is for you. 


If we truly want to build on young athletes embracing their potential, we have to continue to build opportunities for them. 

It’s no secret that right now women’s sports only get a small amount of exposure, sponsorships, and funding. In fact, only 4% of sport-related media covers women’s sports and only 1% of sponsorships go to women’s sports.

If we want to shift this, we have to think BIG. 

By not waiting for a seat at the sports table and building our own.

It starts with a toy that represents the underrepresented. It grows into a community who makes their voices heard when it comes to who gets seen and who is valued in the world of sports. 

The big dream is reinvesting earnings into women’s sports sponsorships and media and growing women’s sports participation, exposure, and most importantly, players’ salaries, self-worth, and overall economics. 


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